This is why George Clooney loves Como

A cake with a view

Como boasts the residence of many a rich and famous person but, despite my efforts, I met a total of zero of them. On the upside, I now understand why George Clooney sometimes holidays in the town.

While our few hours in town were mostly so I could catch up with a friend who lived nearby, we did squeeze in some sightseeing. After a quick catch up over some treats (above) and a sad farewell, Jacob and I did the standard funicular ride up the mountain. (Until quite recently, I believed the village situated at the top to just be more of Como. It’s not. It’s called Brunate, in case you were wondering). Naturally, the view of Lago di Como from the top, nearing sunset no less, was spectacular.

The glacial lake is one of the deepest in Europe and its beauty has a history of attracting significant figures. From ancient philosopher, Pliny the Elder (who is thought to have famously died during the eruption of Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius) to 17th Century Pope Innocent XI to soccer star Ronaldinho, Como has seen many famous faces pass through.

A stunning sky graced us with its presence that day

Like all Italian towns, Como is also home to a number of churches – most impressive was it’s cathedral but, in comparison to the incredible majesty of Milan’s duomo, Como has little to sing about. A recent addition to the town’s attractions is a modern sculpture dedicated to the Como-born Alessandro Volta, after which the ‘volt’ was named, as you probably guessed. But, Como’s main drawcard is it’s impressive lake. Surrounded by lush mountain greenery and dotted with sparkling yachts, the lake is the perfect spot for lunch and reunions with friends.

Quick Info

Stayed: Day trip

Ate: Some delicious cakes which my friend so generously ordered in Italian.

Saw: Lago di Como, Brunate, Como Cathedral, the bathrooms of Como’s McDonalds.

Recommend: Unless I missed something major, the lake is the main attraction. And, I enjoyed sitting by it, snacking on food more than appreciating it from Brunate. The colours of the lake and it’s surrounds are far more vibrant up close.


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