emiror [latin]

– verb: To wonder at exceedingly.


It was Paris that sparked my passion for travel. The mere sight of the Eiffel Tower has brought me to tears, for the postcards don’t do it justice.

It’s more than its fame – it was its symbol of freedom that resonated so profoundly. My boyfriend and I had spent three months travelling Europe, escaping from the worries and banalities of our real world. And while it mightn’t seem extraordinary or unique, following this well-trodden path, it was in that precise moment that I felt the full scope of what it means to be free.

Of course, Paris is so much more than it’s iconic tower. There’s beautiful laneways,  hidden histories, even whole communities that exist in the peripherals. Something intriguing, but often overlooked in favour of the city’s brightest star.

Pay closer attention though, and you may find these things can spark just as much wonder.

I hope with this blog, I can bring some of that to the fore, from countries all over the world.

After all, there’s much to wonder at, it may just be a matter of knowing where.

Steph x


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