emiror [latin]

– verb: To wonder at exceedingly.

Hey there! I’m Steph, the traveller behind this pretentiously-titled travel blog.

That’s the deal with the pull quote, by the way. My naive 21-year-old self once thought that Latin was the epitome of class and while it’s unique, it’s not quite the SEO winner I hoped it to be. Hell, I haven’t even decided on the correct pronunciation yet – and it’s been three years in the works!

So, what’s Emirore about? It’s still currently in its baby stages as I work out what well, works, but the idea is that the best wanders will spark wonder. That they’ll excite your curiosities, capture your imagination and fill you with awe.

To me, that’s what travelling is about. Hopefully, my blog will inspire you to explore and the travel advice based on my personal trips is helpful to you.

Happy reading and don’t be scared to reach out for a chat!

Steph x

2 comments on “About

  1. Hello! As a classics grad I love that you gave your blog an obscure Latin name, it works so well!

    Will defo be keeping up with your travels!

    • Thanks! I was feeling fancy when I decided to create this blog and thought what better language than Latin!

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