5 Things You Can’t Miss In Greenwich

Escape the hustle of the city with a stroll around this quaint London quarter.

If you were to describe Greenwich in one word, it would be “marvellous”.

Located on the Prime Meridian, Greenwich has a rich maritime history and is home to vibrant food and fashion markets.

With all those ‘M’ words, it’s an alliterative dream!

Greenwich is also a brilliant way to spend a day away from the madness of London’s city centre.

To make the most of your day out, we’ve pulled together five must-do activities. Let’s a-go!

1. Visit the observatory

It’s the self-proclaimed ‘home of time and space’, and the Royal Observatory certainly lives up to the moniker.

Travel through time as you learn all about the history of horology inside the observatory museum and embark on an exploration of space in the planetarium.

Then, head back to the observatory to watch the original ball drop (daily at 1pm), and take your photo with the Prime Meridian – the literally divide between the eastern and western hemispheres.

If you don’t want to pay the museum entry fee, there’s another marker you can check out (pictured below). It’s located to the right of the Shepherd’s Clock.

From the DLR station, the observatory is just a quick stroll through the park and up the hill. Easy!

2. Find the first shop in the world

Take the long walk back to town from the observatory (it’s signposted really well) and you’ll pop out beside Nauticalia, the first shop, by location, in the world.

Filled with nautical-themed goodies, it’s a fun novelty to snap!


3. Head to the markets

London has no shortage of markets, but Greenwich’s are among its oldest, having existed in some form since the early 1400s.

Today, you’ll find a vibrant hall packed with handmade fashion, jewellery and homewares as well as a melting pot of drool-worthy street food.

If the 120 or so stalls haven’t quenched your thirst for shopping, you’ll find a vintage market further down the road and a funky retro market by the clock tower. Shopping ahoy!


4. Get your sea legs on

Perched by the Thames is the Cutty Sark, a historic ‘tea cutter’ vessel that was once the fastest of its kind.

It’s now home to an immersive museum that boasts the largest collection of ship figureheads and an old-timey ‘crew’ who explain what life on the seas is like.

The National Maritime Museum is also located in Greenwich. The free museum explores the history of English sea-farers, global efforts in ocean conservation and has numerous hands-on activities for kids. Fun!

5. Walk under the Thames

There are only three places that allow you to walk under London’s famous river, and one is conveniently located in Greenwich!

To start the 10-minute stroll to Island Gardens across the water, look out for the green-domed building by the Cutty Sark. The spiral staircase will take you to the tunnel but there are also lifts at both ends.

You’re best to pack a jumper if you plan on this walk – it gets cold down there!


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