Why Camden Markets are a cheese-lover’s dream

Three gouda reasons to put Camden on your London itinerary.

This might sound cheesy but whoever is responsible for putting the dairy delight back on the menu deserves a truckle (that’s the word for a round of cheese) of applause!

Now, cheddar cubes and crackers just don’t cut it – not when there’s a creamy goat’s cheese on offer.

And if you can’t get enough emmental or are still crazy for camembert, Camden Markets should be on your radar.

There’s a variety of food stalls and cafes in the vicinity but if you’re a fan of formaggio head straight to the Camden Lock Market for these mind-meltingly good feeds.

1. The Cheese Wheel

The wheel of cheese is no doubt the star of this popular stall (that’s why it’s in the name!), though the fresh fettuccine is a winner too.

The pasta is tossed through a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano with all the flair you would expect from Italian chefs and is finished off with a sprinkle of herbs.

We then topped ours with crispy pancetta and the result is everything you’d ever want out of a cheesy pasta dish.

Starting just £5 for the basic version, it’s pasta and a show in one – bargain!

2. The Cheese Bar


With you, Cap? Always^

If you’re not so lucky to have Chris Evans to fondue with, though, bring a friend because The Cheese Bar’s Fondue For Two is a must-try.

The gooey, four-cheese pot is only featured on the dinner menu and at £28 is the priciest option available, perfect for a spot of indulging.

But if that’s out of your price range, never fear!

The Cheese Bar made its mark on the London food scene with their grilled cheese toasties.

There’s currently five on the menu, with sandwiches including a classic cheddar and onion combination and a bacon jam and ‘Rollright’ duo. That’s an award-winning cheese sourced from Oxfordshire, by the way.

So work your way through them for the ultimate schooling in all things dairy and be sure to book a seat, The Cheese Bar fills up fast!

3. La Raclette

This Swiss cheese certainly stands out amongst its peers.

Often served melted and gooey over baby potatoes and topped with pickles and bacon, it lets the cheese do all the talking.

And while La Raclette doesn’t offer a point of difference to other versions you may have tried, this dish is a safe bet when satisfying that cheese craving.

They also offer toasties and raclette over fries. However, La Raclette doesn’t have a permanent home at the markets so keep an eye out for it the next time you’re in town!


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