Feeling Inadequate Compared To Other Travellers

The best thing about travelling is the people you meet, until…

I won’t lie to you. I’ve scoffed many a time at people who have told me they are on their two-week whirlwind trip of Europe before college starts. I’ve smiled smugly at those who said they are travelling for six weeks because, “please, you should try travelling for three months.”

And then you run into the girl who has been travelling alone for seven months. The friends who have hitchhiked their way over the continent and are basically couch surfing for free. The man who is 310 miles into a 600 mile hike – literally just a guy and his backpack, rolling into a town every night and hoping for somewhere to stay/camp/ sleep.

Suddenly, your crazy European/Asian/American/Australian adventure has become a hell of a lot more dull. Getting lost in a Belgian forest for four hours becomes a casual walk in the park. And that time a boy asked you on a date after seeing you from the train window? Well, Nicholas Sparks won’t be writing a book about it any time soon.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this ramble was. I don’t have a solution to feeling crap compared to those epic adventurers I aspire to one day be. Maybe I will just take solace in knowing I’m hopefully on my way there.

Have you got any suggestions on how to manage these feelings of inadequacy? Who is the most adventurous person you’ve met?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Inadequate Compared To Other Travellers

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  1. I don’t often feel inadequate to other travelers because I rarely compare myself to anyone else! I have never been outside of the US, I don’t really travel for more than 2 weeks at a time, and I take a lot of short trips throughout the year. Everyone has much different time and money constraints as well as jobs they may or may not be able to leave at will. If your traveling makes you happy, great! If you want to travel more, find a way! The way I look at it, there are always going to cooler and more adventurous people than me. That’s what makes meeting new people so much fun!

    1. I love your attitude! I wish I could have that same outlook but man, some people are just so cool. I get pretty jealous that they’re able to do all those amazing things!
      You’re right though, it’s great fun meeting all these people and hearing their stories – and it inspires me to be more adventurous too.

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