What Six Days In Prague Taught Me

Sometimes, there is too much of a good thing.

Now, as a ‘traveller’, you love to say you really got to know every nook and cranny of a place having spent a week or so in the one city.

You’re basically a local, right?

This, of course, is opposed to those silly ‘tourists’ who spent a whirlwind afternoon in town before being bundled back onto a bus like a herd of oblivious cows.

But what happens if us travellers have gotten it wrong?

Hear me out for a minute. I know this is going to be a hugely unpopular opinion but there are some places, such as Prague, that just aren’t worth a week in.

If you asked me for a rundown of my time in the Czech capital, it wouldn’t sound like six days of sightseeing. It would play out as a mere two.

And, that includes the quarter of a day spent just outside of the city, at the nearby Karlstejn Castle.

Not to say Prague isn’t a gorgeous city but seeing that damn astronomical clock six times in six days? It’s tough, guys. (Not a humble brag. It was literally just that crap. Sorry).

We hit up the main tourist jaunts, hunted down a bunch of weird Czech statues, ate, drank and even had time to fit in watching the Australian State Of Origin, the movie Kingsman and repeated viewings of an episode of Game Of Thrones.

And, we still managed to fit in a good dose of sleeping in til midday.


Prague’s Main Square

There was a lot of getting lost down identical streets and a lot of mindless wandering.

Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing. We found an authentic Medieval tavern where the heavily-accented and breasted waitress insisted on slapping our companions with a leather whip for not obeying her orders. (It was less sexual than it sounds).

We ate pizza from a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria on the outskirts of town and, on the good advice of our hosteliers, smooshed a four cheese pizza with a bolognese one for the dirtiest, most delicious meal ever.



Though the streets are basically one and the same, they sure are beautiful.


Then, there was even more drinking of cheap alcohol and partying in their filthiest club, Retro Music Hall.

Side note: Another thing I learnt in Prague was that my hair is weirdly porous and managed to capture the smells of the club for days, even after washing it vigorously.

During all of this galavanting about the city, (and insisting I knew Czech because of the similarities with Serbian, leading me to drunkenly yell “tri sto” repeatedly at my cab driver), it did occur to me that we were wasting precious travel time.

I’ve since become a huge believer of poor travel planning being a great idea but had we stuck to our original plan instead of listening to our fellow hostellers, we would’ve been outta there in 3 days and on to somewhere more adventurous.

Would I go back eventually? Sure. I’m super intrigued about the rest of the Czech Republic and even Prague – you can never truly get to know a city first time round. However, if it’s your first time czeching out Prague, maybe you should look to those touristy lemmings for ideas.

Have I been too harsh on Prague? Is there even an ideal amount of time to see a new city? Let me know in the comments!


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